Our mission. Our Nation’s future.

SPA provides knowledge-based solutions integrating technical, operational, programmatic, policy, and business solutions in support of important national security objectives.

For nearly 50 years, we have informed decisions that had strategic and lasting impacts on national security. Our clients entrust us with their critical missions. Every day our employees work to serve our Nation, and we work to serve our employees. Every mission is personal to us. We foster continued growth by providing diverse experiences and encouraging employees to perfect their skills through training. This focus ensures SPA’s leaders of tomorrow can continue to renew the commitment we made to our very first client and all our clients, adapting to support their evolving needs while always adhering to our core values.

The values that guide us

National Service

We help secure the Nation’s future. We think further ahead than our busy clients can afford to, identifying emerging problems early and providing solutions to them before they occur.


We are trusted agents. The backbone of our well-established relationships with our government clients is our understanding of historical context and our discretion.

Integrity and Candor

We have a profound respect for facts, analytical rigor, and open engagement. We emphasize honest internal critique to ensure we deliver the highest quality product. 

Broad Experience

We blend various disciplines and expertise to provide thoughtful, integrated, analytically-based solutions to our client’s hardest problems.  

Stability and Security

We know motivated teams do the best work. To create an environment where we all can flourish, we invest in our relationships, personal expertise, tools, and facilities.


Our strength is the aggregated skills of our people, the bold initiative that they exercise, the tools they create, and the relationships they cultivate.

Our strategic footprint

As a partner, we extend our presence geographically based on client needs.
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We bring the best and the brightest team together to provide data-driven, integrated solutions to address our clients and the Nation’s most critical challenges.

Dr. William L. Vantine, President & CEO

Leading by example

At SPA, you will work with leaders, not just managers.  Our leaders take both a professional and personal interest in our clients and our employees, enabling them to reach their goals. They nurture teams, acknowledging that a high-functioning team is the only way we can innovate and progress towards our collective missions.

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