SPA’s International Work Supports Clients across the Globe

SPA is a premier international provider of innovative, leading-edge solutions in support of complex national security programs and defense priorities.

We are an integral, mission-critical partner in all domains within the Australian Defence Force, delivering strategic decision support from an established local presence.

In 2017 we began work in the United Kingdom, supporting the Ministry of Defence and its agencies. We currently support the Office of Naval Research Global and the Engineering Delivery Partnership and the Programme Delivery Partnership.

Since 2014 SPA has supported the Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program with a variety of capabilities, beginning with requirements development and progressing into Model-based Systems Engineering, for example.


Our international footprint lets us tackle complex problems.

Advanced Analytics

Our team of experienced military professionals and technical analysts integrate cross-domain warfare expertise with advanced analytic methods and tools to solve complex problems.

Strategic Policy and Program Support

We design high-level plans and tailored solutions across all domains that achieve long-term military objectives and interests.

Modeling and Simulation

We model a wide range of military operations using our purpose-built tools and commercially available models such as Ship Air Defence Model (SADM) and Systems Tool Kit (STK).

Data-Driven Decision Support

We provide unbiased recommendations supported by fact and analytical rigor. Our operational and technical experts effectively translate data-driven analyses into actionable results.

SPA International Locations and Customers


We have evolved our support across the Australian Defence Force to pair our growing in-country capability with the unique expertise and tools resident at our United States SPA Headquarters. SPA Australia is growing our team of Australian employees with backgrounds in science, engineering, business, and more, and providing professional development and training opportunities to develop a domestic analytic capability in Australia.

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Great Britain and Canada

SPA has supported the Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program since 2014. The CSC replaces the aging Halifax frigate and the Iroquois destroyer. We began our support with requirements development and have progressed to developing a comprehensive Life-Cycle Concept of Operations for the CSC. We use a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to identify and document tasks the CSC will need to perform in all phases of its operational cycle, including operational employment, logistics support, predeployment work-ups, training, dry-docking periods, and other aspects of a tiered readiness program.

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