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We offer a one-time payment potentially up to $10,000, for employees referred to us by external parties.

Retired Navy admiral, DC native opens up about paving way for young Black submarine officers

SPA board member Admiral Cecil Haney (USN, ret.) spent almost 40 years in service to our country, retiring as the Commander, United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). Read the full article on here.

Our capabilities meet critical missions with a focus on future needs and national objectives.

For 50 years, we have partnered with our clients to help inform decisions that have had and continue to have strategic and lasting impacts on national security.

We are a premier provider of Advanced Analytics; Systems Engineering & Safety Analysis;
Strategy, Policy & Compliance; Program Support; and Agile Software Development.

Advanced Analytics

Since our inception, advanced analytics has been the cornerstone of our client support, transforming the decision-making process along the way.

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Data-Driven Solutions

Our expert support spans a system’s lifecycle, starting with Research and Development and extending through system retirement.

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Strategic Policy & Program Support

Our staff of subject matter experts have supported the development of national security strategy and policy for half a century.

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Integrated Program Management

Our highly credentialed staff offers a range of cross-functional services that ensure cost-effective resource allocation and program management.

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Specialized Engineering Support

Our specialized support runs the gamut from integrated logistics to securing critical assets and emergency response.

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DevOps + Agile

Decisions are complex. Our purpose-built software tools simplify the decision-making process with defensible analysis.

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