From our European Headquarters in Brussels, the heart of Europe’s international institutions, our team of experts provides the full range of SPA’s capabilities to NATO and allied nations. Through contracts with five NATO organizations and agencies, we have operating locations across Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. For more than 23 years, our team of professionals has contributed significantly to the success of some of the alliance’s most important projects, such as NATO AWACS, the Alliance Ground Surveillance, Air Command and Control System, Ballistic Missile Defence, and a host of communication and command control systems.

We are proud to support the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA), which protects and operates NATO’s information technology infrastructure. As the premier provider of Advisory and Assistance Services to the Agency, we have experts serving side by side with NATO civilians and military personnel helping to develop and field the next generation of IT, Cyber Defense, and Artificial Intelligence systems to ensure information dominance in the European Theater. Our engineers, project managers, communications and network experts, software developers, cyber defense professionals, operations research analysts, cost estimators, and logisticians play critical roles in filling short and long-term knowledge gaps in every sphere of operations.

SPA provides key support to the Supreme Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and Supreme Allied Command Operations (ACO), in both Mons, Belgium, and in Norfolk, Virginia. Drawing on our long history with NATO and our intimate understanding of its processes, our analysts serve as critical enablers in helping to develop system requirements, analyze alternatives, and to plan, manage, and bring to fruition projects that are central to the alliance’s transformation. Those efforts recently expanded to our leading role within ACT’s Innovation Lab, called the iHub. Because of our involvement from inception at the US Air Force’s sister organizations, Kessel Run and Kobayashi Maru, we are the leading contributor to their DevSecOps software development projects with everything from SCRUM Masters to Full-Stack Developers, Data Scientists, and Testers.

SPA supported the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency from its start. We were part of the initial project team spun off from the US Air Force Joint STARS program and the small cadre that stood up the office in Brussels. Our experts, spanning program managers, logisticians, cost estimators, military ops analysts, configuration control specialists, software developers, and contract managers were on hand for every success point, such as approval by the NATO Nations, developing and issuing the system RFP, contract award, PDR, CDR, first flight, safety of flight certification, and finally, operational fielding in Sigonella, Italy. In fact, one of our experts will be present when the NATO Management Agency stands down.

SPA has made limited but important contributions to the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE). Drawing on the company’s unmatched strength in the maritime domain, we have contributed unique expertise in maritime communication systems, sea-based network systems, software development, and even strategic communication on occasion. Further, SPA has supported the NATO Supply and Procurement Agency (NSPA) with important operational and transformation studies such as an evaluation of the Central European (Fuel) Pipeline (CEP), which formed the basis of an operational consolidation of facilities and staff.