SPA Supports the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)

SPA has made a major investment in expanding in the UK. Through our regional office in Bristol, UK, conveniently located with proximity to the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Supply (DE&S) center at Abby Wood, we support major development and acquisition programs with project management, project control, cost estimating and analysis, system engineering, IT management, and operations analysis. We are active on a number of the large framework contracts in the UK, such as Engineering Development Partner, Program Development Partner, and DOS6.

Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Surface Combatant

Capabilities: Requirements Development, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Model-Based Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Human Systems Integration

SPA has supported the Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program since 2014. The CSC replaces the aging Halifax frigate and the now-retired Iroquois destroyer. We began our work with warfare analysis in support of requirements development and have progressed to developing a comprehensive Life-Cycle Concept of Operations for the CSC. We use a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to identify and document tasks the CSC will need to perform in all phases of its operational cycle, including operational employment, logistics support, predeployment work-ups, training, dry-docking periods, and other aspects of a tiered readiness program. The MBSE approach enables design and engineering activities to manage system complexities by viewing the model from multiple perspectives and analyzing the impact of changes. Once a series of workshops is complete, the SPA-developed products will be used to identify interactions and exchanges (e.g., data, communications, and energy) for each activity between CSC and other entities in different operational scenarios. SPA is also continuing analytic work supporting the development of an Operational to Systems Requirements Bridge document, which will assist with convergence of the high-level requirement capabilities. SPA supports the Canadian Navy directly through a Foreign Military Sales Case managed by PEO (Ships) PMS 325 in the Naval Sea Systems Command.