Decisions are complex. What if you could model and explore the effects of any decision before you implement it in the real world?

Analyze the Possibilities with GCAM® Simulation Software

At SPA, we recognize that each client faces unique challenges––and the solutions to these challenges are not one-size-fits-all. Our clients require tailored models that can rapidly and flexibly examine numerous options and allow them to make well-informed, cost-saving decisions. The models must have the intelligence to simulate real-world behaviors and the ability to account for uncertainty. As a leader in modeling and simulation software design, SPA first recognized the need for the GCAM software suite over 25 years ago. Since the original successful launch over two decades ago, we have continuously sustained our investment in the suite to ensure timely improvements and upgrades in modeling capabilities, processing power, and speed. Today, SPA is committed to ensuring our GCAM development environment remains state-of-the-art in authoritative models, always ready to inform national security decisions and other complex challenges.

GCAM® Simulation Software regularly tackles challenges such as:

  • Capability and Investment Trade-offs Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Logistics Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Concept of Operation Development
  • Force Structure Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis

GCAM modeling and simulation software provides our clients with unique, objective, and defensible evidence for making smart cost-effective decisions, time after time.

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