What if you could effectively manage a fleet of large assets in real time?

Harness the Future of Inventory Management with Augur

Resource managers often operate in large enterprises containing numerous, disparate streams of data. Managing this data and the fleet of assets it applies to is a complex problem, and decisions require well-analyzed solutions. SPA’s proprietary modeling and simulation software, Augur, is designed to assist leadership with large-asset inventory management decision support. This support includes providing stakeholders with a unified plan, depicted and enhanced by state-of-the-art visualizations. Augur achieves these results by iterating through copious amounts of historical data to establish an authoritative baseline, and incorporates planning, budget, and policy information to create deep insight for optimal decision-making. Augur also allows decision-makers to ask follow-on “what-if” questions to explore courses of action they could not have foreseen without Augur’s results.

Augur Modeling and Simulation Software is designed to support multiple types of military assets and systems:

  • Aviation platforms
  • Submarines
  • Weapon Systems
  • Tanks

Augur is scalable, flexible, and generic enough for rapid customization.

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