We develop analytic software tools that advance our clients missions.

At SPA, we have developed over 100 custom software tools, purpose-built to aid objective analysis. We understand the pressures our clients face to ensure the safety and security of our Nation. To support our clients’ interests, we take their mission on as if it were our own, working to understand their priorities, constraints, and goals. The foundation of our software development process is our value-added, deliberate, data-centric design methodology blended with our scalable delivery approach. This approach enables us to create the right software tools for our clients, in the right amount of time – tools that evaluate and address the unique aspects of our clients’ priorities and challenges.

Here is a selected list of the tools we have developed and use for client support:

Featured Tools: 

Please see gallery below for description of software tools

  • GCAM® Modeling and Simulation Suite
  • Fast and Objective Risk, Cost, and Schedule Technique (FORCAST)
  • Cluster Analysis Tool for Critical Homeland Infrastructure (CATCH)
  • Weapon System Sustainment and Deployment Model (WSSDM)
  • Inventory Decision Support Process (IDSP)
  • Kill Chain Analysis Tool and Display (KCAT/KCARDS)
  • Force Structure Analysis Tool (FORSAT)
  • Coordinated Optimization and Simulation Model for Operational Scheduling (COSMOS)
  • Critical Component Inventory Model (CCIM)

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