SPA Chief of Staff Talks about Multi-Domain Operations

October 8, 2019 | Alexandria, VA

Recently SPA Australia exhibited at the PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Exposition through the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government’s Team Canberra Initiative.

Team Canberra is a group of Canberra-region based defence businesses that the ACT Government hand-selected to represent the ACT on the Team Canberra exhibition stand.

During the exposition, the SPA Chief of Staff, John Quigley, was interviewed by the Australian Defence Business Review. He spoke about how SPA-Australia work has grown over the last 10 years and how SPA is supporting clients in Australia today.

He also spoke about the future of Multi-Domain Operations, noting that two aspects of operations have grown in the last few years. The first is interoperability.

Quigley stated, “to partner you need interoperability because you need various assets to be able to operate seamlessly with each other in order to get the amplified effects of a joint force.”

The other area of focus is cybersecurity. He noted, “the ability to move your data around in a protected manner such that it’s not compromised, it’s not disrupted and it can be used to the advantage of the warfighter,” is critical to future warfighting success.

The entire interview can be viewed at Recommend viewers use Chrome, not Explorer, to watch the video. And, consider downloading the video to the desktop before watching.

PACIFIC 2019 featured a comprehensive program of international conferences, seminars, and symposia. These industry-only trade and conference sessions were reserved for those with a professional, defence, governmental agency, business, academic, scientific, operational, or response involvement in commercial maritime and naval defence related government and industry sectors.

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