SPA Australia’s David French Provides Advice to Veterans

Alexandria. VA

David French joined SPA Australia in September as a Senior Military Operations Analyst. He is responsible for Land and Joint projects. 

David served in the Australian Army for 21 years as an Infantry Officer and worked with US Army units in Afghanistan, among other operational deployments.  Recently the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs highlighted David French on their website and on the Defence Minister’s Facebook page.  The article focuses on the actions David took to get a job after his discharge from the Australian Army, including his recent hiring to join the SPA Australia team.

He also provides advice to other veterans who are going through the same transition.

“Plan, plan, plan. Take the time to plan; connect with other veterans out there; and really understand what is going to be your purpose going forward. Do that and you will be ready to succeed,” French said.

The full article is located here:

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