Case Study

Managing Military Logistics Readiness

Washington, D.C.

In light of renewed competition among the great powers, material supply is critical. Industrial facilities are critical to ensuring military readiness.

The Department of Defense seeks to recapitalize its forces. Part of this improvement depends on unique industrial facilities that produce complex components and materials. Since the government has no alternative for acquiring these components or materials, the risk to supply and readiness is high, and unique facilities must be managed carefully and well.

Recognizing the challenges of industrial base capacity and readiness, SPA assisted the client in developing a highly refined set of management processes and tools. We tailored the approach for a unique production facility and compiled, analyzed, and documented key industrial management metrics and data, including production cost, workload, schedule, and staffing. To further assist the client, SPA provided on-site implementation support.

Industrial Facility Highlights

Provided Holistic Management Model

SPA developed a holistic industrial management approach and suite of accompanying analytic tools rooted in project management principles and fundamentals for the industrial base. Our model focuses on the aggregation and disaggregation of work structures to discover process improvements and efficiencies that ensure our clients continue to achieve their mission.

Integrated Strategic Workforce Planning

Our client faced significant staffing demands to meet anticipated material readiness requirements. SPA’s workload analysis tools integrated facility schedules, staffing plans, and technical requirements to identify gaps and inform defensible long-term hiring strategies necessary to meet the Nation’s future production needs.

Improved Cost Effectiveness

Process improvements do not need to come at the expense of increased costs. SPA’s cost estimation tools assisted senior leaders in identifying cost reductions throughout the work breakdown structure while providing a comprehensive understanding of the functional implications to production that result from trimming costs.

Enhanced Risk Identification and Management

Industrial Facility management requires an integrated understanding of how production cost, staffing, workload, process, and capability affect material supply. We advised facility leadership in implementing a holistic management approach to ensure they maintain complete visibility of potential risks and influencers, thereby proactively minimizing technical and quality risks during production.

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