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“Morale at M Street makes it a joy to come to work every day.”

Mike Y. personifies the potential for building a career that combines everything one looks for in work and in life. His first requirement is be part of something bigger than himself, which he initially achieved by serving in the Navy. After the Navy, he wanted to continue contributing to homeland security, and he saw that SPA’s mission focus in this area stood out. Mike is also extremely team-oriented, and he found in SPA the emphasis he values on merging skills and personalities into high-performing groups. 

Today Mike is a Group Leader, whose team supports the Navy at a site adjacent to the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. Mike hires the right folks for their expertise, but he also looks for commitment to the mission, the team, and the customer. He has acquired a good mix of senior leadership, first-time hires, and acquisition veterans who bring excellent energy to the office throughout the week. “Morale at M Street makes it a joy to come to work every day,” says Mike.

Over the past 14 years Mike has seen SPA grow and develop, investing the right way for the future. The investment includes hiring the best people and helping them advance, but it also includes the right focus on business development. He fully expects SPA’s business growth to continue supporting the greater good. “We’re growing in the right way,” he comments. “I can’t think of any reason I would leave.”

In terms of personal success, Mike is an accomplished golfer (winning the SPA tournament most years), and also devotes time to coaching youth football. “Some sports price out young athletes because they can’t afford to play, but football offers scholarships. Without football, some kids would have nothing else,” Mike says. He finds particular satisfaction in seeing his young charges get into college, one more way of always keeping his eye on the larger mission.

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