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“It feels different here. We don’t do paper churning. We brainstorm, set strategy, and work as a team.”

Marcus T. has been at SPA for 3.5 years and today is a Senior Contracts Administrator. Before arriving at SPA, Marcus worked at a number of defense and civilian contracting companies after graduating from college in 2004. Frequent job changes can be a way of life in the contracting world, but Marcus has found growth and stability at SPA.

The winding road that brought him here included work in accounts payable, subcontract mods, compliance, auditing, proposals, business operations, and people management. After his last company went through an acquisition, Marcus decided to try SPA. He had heard good things and knew SPA was respected.

Marcus first thought he would develop a SharePoint setup for contracts here, but quickly realized his world would be much larger than that. Management asked him to become involved in pricing, and within 3 months he was pricing SPA’s largest contract. Within 6 months he was leading a cost volume, and he appreciated the level of trust placed in him so quickly.

“It feels different here,” Marcus says. “We don’t do paper churning. We brainstorm, set strategy, and work as a team. No checkboxes—it’s good team effort.” Marcus also enjoys being pushed out of his comfort zone. “We take things to the next level at SPA. Management encourages us every step of the way.” 

Marcus has acquired certification as a national contract manager and is working on an MBA. He plans to stay at SPA to continue with opportunities. He also appreciates the value of work-life balance, serving as a volunteer in his community for clean-up campaigns and the like. For Marcus, the winding road has led to a solid feeling of satisfaction.

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