Case Study

E-2 Inventory Management with Augur

The US Navy routinely cycles its E-2 airborne early warning inventory through maintenance and modification, rotates the aircraft among different squadrons, and continues transitioning from E-2C to E-2D as the new aircraft become available. This continuous logistical activity causes the E-2 program to exist in a dynamic state of change. Meanwhile, budget and planning cycles do not always align among various stakeholders, who consequently lack an authoritative baseline for use in enterprise decision-making.

Recognizing this planning challenge, SPA assists enterprise managers with state-of-the-art decision support. To optimize this support for the E-2 community, SPA uses Augur, our custom-built software for powerful modeling and simulation. Augur enables stakeholders to align budget and planning factors and examine different outcomes using “what-if” analysis before making a decision.

Project Highlights

Depot work levels adjusted for maximum effect

Augur forecasting provides an inventory-wide planning capability to demonstrate the effects of adjusting E-2D depot maintenance event schedules on work-in-progress levels. The forecast has enabled managers to maintain consistent resourcing to meet calendar-based aircraft maintenance requirements. Customer comments include, “The work I’ve seen, like the PMI-2 Flow, has been incredibly important.”

Location and magnitude of risk clearly analyzed

Augur’s prescriptive analytics capabilities provide decision-makers with critical insights into the location and magnitude of future risks to E-2 aircraft readiness, allowing managers to allocate resources accurately. The customer asked us to “Please keep doing great work for me in the future, you’re helping us with the long-term fights.”

Modification program significantly improved

Augur forecasts optimal E-2 modification and transition schedules for a single view of long-term future readiness. Our analysis improved NAVAIR’s PMA-231 modification program by providing a highly detailed capability procurement and insertion schedule synchronized by site for the fleet, squadrons, and individual aircraft. 

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