Case Study

Australian Force Structure Planning

Canberra, Australia

The Force Design Division of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) designs and guides the development of a capable, agile, and potent Future Force. SPA’s proven analytic tools and techniques provide objective evidence for making critical investment decisions.

Force Design evaluated complex programs and interdependencies across the Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, and the Australian Army. Given the range and complexity of the work, Force Design required an analytically sound approach for evaluating force structure options and investments.

To provide a transparent and repeatable process for assessing force structure options, SPA developed an analytic baseline and model that quantitatively assesses the operational impact of modifications to the force structure. The model evaluates the ability of varying force structure options (supply) to meet the operational requirements set forth for the ADF by Government (demand). This proven technique, which SPA has used over many years with other customers, initially included a subset of the ADF’s highest priority programs and systems in the model and continues to scale appropriately to support future force structure planning.

SPA’s analytic baseline enables force structure trade-off analysis and provides objective evidence for critical decisions on future investments.

Force Structure Planning Highlights

Dynamic and Agile

SPA’s analytic baseline can be used to quickly evaluate a wide range of different force structure options. As a result, Force Design can test different material and non-material solutions to understand what will have the biggest impact on operational effectiveness.

Transparent and Repeatable

Force structure planning is a continuous process. SPA’s model ensures that even as personnel turnover and military personnel transition out, the process will be clear and consistent.


When making important investment recommendations that have a major impact on the future of the ADF, Force Design must be confident that they have objective evidence to support those recommendations.

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