Every mission is personal

For nearly five decades, we have partnered with our clients to help inform decisions that have strategic and lasting impact on national security. Whether optimizing the maintenance and deployment of assets or engineering solutions to prevent the unimaginable, we are committed to our clients’ mission success. We have grown to be a large, multidomain company, but we have never lost our commitment to small company care. Every mission is personal to us. We are Trusted Agents, here to serve.

Our domain expertise extends from undersea to space:

  • Land, Undersea, Surface and Air Warfare and Operations
  • Radar and Sensor Systems
  • Unmanned Systems and Counter Systems
  • Nuclear Deterrence Policy, Safety and Security
  • Industrial Base Policy
  • Cyber Security Policy
  • Space Systems
  • Ballistic Missile Systems
  • Hypersonics
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems
  • Department of Defense Processes
  • Analytic Software Development
  • Warfare and Operations

Please see the gallery below to learn about the clients we support

We support clients across defense and government sectors:

  • Navy
  • Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Joint Staff
  • OSD
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • NASA
  • Space Force
  • NATO
  • Allies of the United States

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