We advise policy-makers on enduring national security strategies.

At SPA, we understand that organizational knowledge and historical context are paramount to developing sound policy and national security strategy. Our team of subject matter experts possesses an unrivaled blend of domain expertise, historical knowledge, and education earned over a lifetime of service. We have a proven legacy of excellence confronting asymmetric threats to the Nation spanning the domains of nuclear deterrence to unmanned systems, from undersea to space. Throughout our history, we have enhanced our clients’ ability to evaluate risks, frame threats, adapt and establish doctrines, formulate policies, and develop strategies that secure our Nation.

Core Capabilities:

Please see our project gallery for examples of missions we’ve supported.

  • Defense Strategy and Policy
  • Cybersecurity Policy
  • Strategic Planning and Decision Support
  • High Consequence Events Analysis and Prevention Assessment
  • Deterrence Strategy and Assessments
  • Arms Control and Treaty Analysis
  • Organizational Structure and Process Development 
  • Critical Asset Inspection & Compliance

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