Our Premier and Leading Software Tools support multiple functional areas across the System Lifecycle.

Cost Models

  • Budget Analytical Funds Management Tool (BAFMT)
  • Defense Funding Analysis and Comparison Tool (DFACT)
  • Fleet Acquisition and Support Tool Cost Estimating Tool (FASTCOST)
  • Software Requirements Analysis Tool (SRAT)
  • Technical Baseline Assessment Tool (T-BAT)
  • FAA Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT)


  • Fast and Objective Risk, Cost and Schedule Technique (FORCAST)

Campaign, Mission Analysis

  • Naval Simulation System (NSS)
  • Maritime Security Model (GCAM)
  • SSBN Operational Vulnerability Investigation Tool (SOVIT) (GCAM)
  • Ground Combat Model (GCAM)
  • Adversary Decision Emulation and Planning Tool (ADEPT) (GCAM)
  • Athena Mission Planning Tool

Requirements Assessment

  • Military Requirements Capabilities Assessment Tool (MRCAT)
  • Capabilities-Based Assessment Tool (CBAT)

Force Generation

  • Force Generation (AUS, CAN, NOAA, USN) (GCAM)
  • Coordinated Optimization and Simulation Model for Operations Scheduling (COSMOS)
  • Undersea Force Assessment System (UFAS)
  • Combined Ops & Maintenance Schedule (COMSched)
  • Submarine Geographic Operations Model (SubGo) (GCAM)
  • Maritime Patrol Aircraft Scheduler (MPAS)
  • Force Level Effectiveness Analysis Tool (FLEAT ASuW, IMAD, MFS)

Physical Security Models

  • Insider Threat Model (GCAM)
  • NC3 Effectiveness Model (GCAM)
  • Physical Security Modeling Environment (PSME) (GCAM)
  • Standoff Weapon Probability of Hit Tool (PH)
  • Weapon System Sustainment and Deployment Model (WSSDM)
  • Counter Aerial Systems Evaluation Tool (CASE-T) (GCAM)


  • Counter Aerial Systems Evaluation Tool (CASE-T) (GCAM)
  • Military Utility Assessments (GCAM)

Kill Chain Analysis

  • Kill Chain Analysis Tool (KCAT)
  • Kill Chain Analysis Results Display System (KCARDS)
  • Military Equipment Parameters Database Integration Tool (MEPED)

Inventory and Logistics

  • IDSP
  • Theater Logistics Review Tool (TLRT)

Cyber and Network Analysis

  • Cyber Assassin (CA)
  • Bandwidth Analysis Toolkit (BAT)