We develop analytic software tools that advance our clients missions.

At SPA, we have developed over 100 custom software tools, purpose-built to aid objective analysis. We understand the pressures our clients face to ensure the safety and security of our Nation. To support our clients’ interests, we take their mission on as if it were our own, working to understand their priorities, constraints, and goals. The foundation of our software development process is our value-added, deliberate, data-centric design methodology blended with our scalable delivery approach. This approach enables us to create the right software tools for our clients, in the right amount of time – tools that evaluate and address the unique aspects of our clients’ priorities and challenges.



  • Collaborative Software Factory Support
  • Rapidly Deployed Warfighter Applications
  • Full Stack Development
  • Platform Information Assurance
  • Extreme Programming, Test-driven Development, & Continuous Delivery
  • UX/UI Design
  • Cyber Security/RMF Compliance


Software Tools

GCAM® Simulation Software

The GCAM software suite is our proprietary stochastic modeling and simulation environment. Using GCAM simulation software, SPA’s analysts configure applications that provide clients the flexibility to examine system-level interactions and behaviors across a spectrum of trades, while also accounting for real-world uncertainties. GCAM simulation software informs our clients most strategic decisions with tailored simulations that result in objective evidence and defendable analysis.

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Cyber Assassin

This M&S tool suite enables cyber‑impact analysis through on-demand wargaming scenarios that include high-fidelity characterization of network, cyber behavior, users, command and control, and threats. Cyber Assassin integrates static architecture data with a robust M&S environment for rapid operational and engineering-level trade-off analyses.

Naval Simulation System

The Naval Simulation System (NSS) provides comprehensive force-on-force mission-level modeling and simulation. NSS represents individual platforms, weapons,
sensors, C3 systems, and the responsive tactical decision making of commanders.

Force Generation Model

Suite of custom built models enables planning and procurement, technology investment, maintenance & sustainment, and operational decisions.

Force capacity and capability decisions affect the near- and long-term readiness for every National Security organization. SPA’s FORCE GENERATION MODELING toolkit implements a unique, analytic technique, applied to provide a data-driven, objective, evidence-based input to inform major recapitalization and technology decisions such as the US Navy’s Future Fleet structure, the Canadian Surface Combatant force, the Australian Defence Force structure and operational concepts, and NOAA’s future survey fleet. SPA’s proven methodologies, tools, and advanced analytic techniques have a lasting impact on critical national security decisions.


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have evolved in size, sophistication, and capability and pose a very real threat (surveillance and/or attack) to sensitive facilities across the United States and overseas. In response, numerous commercial systems have been developed to counter these threats. This environment has created a strong government demand for objective ways to assess the utility of commercial cUAS (Counter UAS) systems. To fill this gap, SPA has developed the Counter Aerial Systems Evaluation Toolset (CASE-T). CASE-T comprises three highly tailorable C-UAS offerings (for modeling, real-world testing, and test analytics), each of which uses unique processes and a combination of government, commercial, and SPA tools.


The Coordinated Optimization and Simulation Model for Operational Scheduling (COSMOS) uses mathematical optimization and Monte Carlo simulation to create and evaluate deployment schedules for high demand/low density asset forces. These schedules enable detailed planning and analysis under the reality that unexpected schedule disruptions do occur. This model is used for planning efforts that require decades of foresight and daily flexibility.

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SPA’s Kill Chain Analysis Tool (KCAT) and Kill Chain Analysis Results Display System (KCARDS) allows analysts to deliver operational and technical analysis of current and projected military capability mismatches and helps SPA’s clients avoid strategic surprise.


The Fast and Objective Risk, Cost, and Schedule Technique (FORCAST) allows clients to address critical national security decisions with high levels of uncertainty and limited historical data. FORCAST’s unique expert elicitation approach reduces cognitive biases and helps decision makers understand cost and schedule options.

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Athena is a user-friendly digital play surface for mission-planning table top exercises and wargaming. This tool is customizable for any scenario and seamlessly integrates geospatial, infrastructure, operational force, and program data to support tactical or strategic gameplay. Using mission-specific icons with editable unit cards, maps, pieces, points of interest, and rulers all in one place, Athena is expandable into augmented reality, tablet gameplay, and web-based services. This versatile software is especially effective for use in military, law enforcement, and emergency response applications.


The Undersea Warfare Force Analysis System (UFAS) is an Excel-VBA tool used to model fleet architecture, force capacities, and operational status over time. UFAS supports the Navy Future Force Architecture by providing a means to assess policy decisions in terms of their long-term impact on fleet availability.

UFAS provides a framework for compiling and modifying a wide range of data: platform servicelife data, maintenance availabilities, lifecycle plans, platform warfighting capabilities, home port assignments, and month-by-month operational cycle instructions. Where data is unavailable, UFAS offers features to help users make reasonable extrapolations based on traceable assumptions.

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