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Critical Asset Safety and Mission Assurance

Top-down national security review and assessment starts with knowledge of the policy objectives of national and defense leaders. Understanding the ramifications of existing and emerging national security policies is imperative to the success of government leaders and managers responsible for the delivery of programs and operations while mitigating attendant risks. SPA has an experienced staff with a proven track record for integration of policy considerations with the technical, operational, programmatic, and business aspects of national security issues in order to provide decision-makers with a holistic view of the drivers for decision. SPA also conducts site survey and identification of physical security system vulnerabilities and solutions for national strategic assets.

Our talented and proven analysts provide the following core capabilities:

  • Critical asset Safety
  • Safety, quality, and mission assurance
  • Probalistic risk assessments
  • Risk management
  • Nuclear safety & surety compliance
  • Critical asset security analysis
  • Security system operations
  • Reliability analysis
  • Safety engineering
  • Quality engineering
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Technology assessments

Our approach is done from the outside looking in…not checklist driven.