Who We Are

Best Places to Work in 2014Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (SPA) has a passion for doing interesting work that impacts important decisions. We are a professional services provider with a long-standing reputation for unrivaled technical and analytical support to executive decision makers throughout the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Energy.

What We Do For Our Customers

We tackle clients’ most complex problems. We use rigorous and process-driven analytical and scientific methods applied by staff with in-depth experience in systems engineering, operations research, and acquisition management. The results are timely, workable and affordable solutions that delight our customers.

SPA is a full partner, vested in the outcome of each challenge. Each problem gets an “A team” with the right technical expertise and relevant experience to address the technical, operational, programmatic, policy and business aspects of the issue. That team takes great pride in providing high-quality deliverables to the clients on schedule.

What Our Customers Say

Clients appreciate the dedication, experience and tools we bring to their tough problems, and they tell us so.

“The decision to have them as part of my team was the best decision I have ever made.”

“Across a wide spectrum of challenges, I can always count on your team of capable, experienced, responsive and dedicated employees to help us analyze issues, develop workable solutions, and advise the best possible decisions for our nation’s defense.”

“The work SPA does is critical to allowing us to make the right choices with limited resources.”

“There has been no other organization so instrumental in shaping my thinking, breaking down highly complex issues, and going the exhaustive extra mile to support critical decision-making than SPA.”

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SPA News

Analysis support to OPNAV N9I, Warfare Integration Division

In February, SPA was awarded a one-year task order fully funded at $500K under the OPNAV N1 Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPTE) & Chief of Naval Personal IDIQ for services in support of the Warfare Integration Division, OPNAV N9I.

OPNAV N9I is responsible for warfare requirements coherence and wholeness, program interoperability and integration, and leads the development of the Integrated Sponsor Program Proposal (ISPP). SPA’s support is primarily to the Program Integration Branch within N9I, which is responsible for advising the Director on matters pertaining to wholeness of naval capabilities, and programming and budgeting, to include leading a collaborative process to develop the ISPP ensuring alignment with Defense and Navy strategy.

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